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Gare Windsor, Anick Blais Two prizes for the Windsor Station wayfinding and signage design: Grafika 2001 grand prize in institutional signage category. Signs of the Times 2000, second prize in sign systems category.
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When designing furniture, consumer product and wayfinding applications, we aim to provide innovative, performance-oriented solutions based on specific client needs and expectations. To do so, we employ leading edge design and management tools.

As each project and each client are different, we build the necessary flexibility into our tools and working methods with a view to maximizing client satisfaction.

To know the specific type of service we offer for your project, please refer to the sections wayfinding or furniture and products.

Signage at Lansdowne ParkSignage at Windsor StationSignage at YM-YWHASignage at Le Centre des Sciences de MontréalSignage at Complexe les AilesSignage for Archambault storesSignage for kiosk "extérieur" at SIDIM 2002

When designing wayfinding applications, we assume full responsibility for project programming, development and management. This involves identifying and designing all elements of signage, and then devising and translating sign messages. Next, we produce manufacturing drawings and specifications, as well as installation instructions. We further provide technical support during the manufacturing stage, monitor installation and conduct quality control checks upon completion.

For a project estimate or to learn more about the services we offer, please contact us.



For consumer product and furniture design, we are poised to provide expert assistance in...

- Defining project parameters and analysing feasibility

- Conducting style studies with a view to fashioning an image for your ideas

- Enhancing existing products

- Developing new products

For a project estimate or to learn more about the services we offer, please contact us.

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